10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (2023)

What makes you happy?

Everyone has different answers to this question, but how many of us can honestly say it’s work that brings a smile to our face? Sure, there are good days and the satisfaction of getting something done right, but not many of us can say they look forward to work the next day.

If this is the case for you, don’t feel bad. You could just be in the wrong industry. As it turns out, some professions cause people to happy. You’d think it’s the best paying jobs that end up high on the happiness scale, but that’s not the case. Money can buy a lot of things, but job satisfaction is not one of them.

So do you fancy a career change? Here are the ten happiest jobs in the world, and it appears there’s no clear link between them. What you see might surprise you.

All these professions vary greatly in terms of industry, responsibilities and day-to-day activities. Some of these professions involve dynamic, fast-changing environments, while others are just about as relaxing as possible. There are also big differences in pay, as some fairly low paying jobs ended up making the list. In most cases, what these jobs do have in common is a sense of creativity and the ability to problem solve. These people aren’t just passing time and collecting a paycheck. They’re creating something that they’re passionate about.

It’s definitely an odd bunch of jobs, but multiple surveys analyzed by The Guardian and a separate survey conducted by Careerbliss confirm these are the happiest jobs on the planet:


10 Personal Assistant

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (1)

When you think of a personal assistant, it’s hard not to think of a fresh-faced recent graduate being berated by an egomaniacal boss. That’s how it is in movies and TV shows, at least. Think of the perpetually mistreated Lloyd from Entourage or The Devil Wears Prada. Those poor (yet fictitious) souls.

In truth, being a personal assistant isn’t nearly that bad, and, many personal assistants reported being happier with their job than people in other industries. Take away the verbal abuse stereotypes, and you’re left with someone who has to solve problems on the fly while learning the inner structure of an organization.

9 Plumber

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (2)

Plumbers have to deal with a lot of crap in their jobs, but in some ways, actual crap is better than the stuff other people have to deal with in their day-to-day work. For the most part, plumbers are their own boss and can focus on their trade with few outside distractions. That’s a lot better than being stuck in an office with annoying workplace drama and political maneuvering many of us have to deal with.

(Video) 15 Most Fulfilling Jobs In The World

Plumbers are one of those rare blue-collar jobs that still pays well and will always be in demand, so it’s no wonder they’re happy with their jobs.

8 Scientist

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (3)

One of the things many of the jobs on this list have in common is they allow people to do what they love. That’s especially true in the case of scientists. These men and women dedicate years in academia to the subject they love, and once they enter the workforce, they make a comfortable living continuing their studies.

Being a scientist relying on government funding can be stressful, as the money isn’t always there, and projects can come to a sudden halt. Fortunately, scientists are in great demand for a number of industries, both in the private and public sector.

7 Gardener

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (4)

Has anyone ever looked angry while gardening? Pretty tough to find one if there ever has been, as it seems to be one of the more enjoyable forms of physical labor. Gardeners might not be swimming in money, but they’re among the happiest employees on the planet, and it’s easy to see why.

There are different types of gardeners, but for the most part, they’re blessed to spend most of their day outside during the most pleasant seasons. They also get to see the fruits of their labor come into bloom. It’s not many professions that can get their hands so dirty and create something so beautiful. Talk about job satisfaction.


6 Medical Practitioner

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (5)

Medical practitioners have the power to save lives, and that importance makes them pillars of the community. It’s so difficult to become a doctor — from the years of university to the heap of student debt — that it’s one of those professions you have to truly love, or you won’t bother with the effort of making it.

The satisfaction of doing the job well is immense, and it helps that the pay and prestige are high. Few professions are as highly esteemed as doctors. Out of all the professions out there, they’re the second most trusted according to a Gallup poll. It’s certainly not a job for everyone, but it’s the perfect job for some people.

5 Marketers and PR People

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (6)

When you’re in marketing or public relations, you’re placed in a competitive, high-stress environment full of strict deadlines and loads of creative thinking. For some people, this is hell. For others, it’s a dream come true.

People in marketing and PR are extremely happy with their jobs, as they love the creativity they’re encouraged to use in their day-to-day work. One part of the appeal is the variety of challenges people in the industry are faced with — nothing is static or overly monotonous. These challenges — from revitalizing a brand or dealing with a PR crisis — might not always be fun, but they are at least fulfilling. Plus, a lot of these new age digital companies are coming up with great ways to appeal to millennials and become the best places to work. Who doesn’t love the perks of a casual work environment made for millennials?

4 Nurse

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (7)

Doctors might get all the credit and TV shows, but it’s nurses who are on the front lines. While nurses may not get all the accolades, their work makes them beloved by many patients. The patients sometimes see nurses on a daily basis, so those nurses can receive a lot of praise. In fact, nurses are the most trusted professionals by the general public, edging out doctors by a considerable margin.

(Video) They studied 30,000 employees and found one job had the happiest people

Nurses like their work, despite all the stress and challenges of helping people in rough condition. An added bonus of the work is that nurses are in high demand, so it’s possible for them to switch workplaces until they find the perfect location. Not every industry is so fortunate.

3 Teacher

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (8)

Look back to how awful you were as kid. It’s a miracle your best teachers were able to handle about 20 similarly annoying children (no offense). Not only do the best teachers tolerate their students, but they actually love working with them. For that alone, teachers are modern-day saints that get a lot of credit for their work.

Out of all the professions, few are a labor of love like teaching is. The pay starts off low. The hours are incredibly long, and the administrative red tape is a nightmare. Despite all that, teaching is one of the happiest professions on the planet. It truly is a calling.

2 Hairdresser/Barber

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (9)

When you have a good hairdresser or barber, going in for a haircut is a lot of fun. The conversation is good. The environment is friendly, and you can leave all your outside problems at the door. The reason for all this, as surveys show, is that these professionals are incredibly happy with their work.

It’s not too hard to see why. The best in the business build great relationships and get to catch up with friends throughout the day while making some money. Like gardeners, barbers and hairdressers can see the fruits of their labor when they’ve done their job right. All in all, it’s not a bad gig.

(Video) Comparison: Most Loved Jobs

1 Engineer

10 of the Happiest Jobs in the World (10)

Out of all the jobs in the world, engineers have the happiest. Why is that? There are a couple good reasons why engineers love their jobs so much.

As with some of the other happiest jobs, engineers enjoy the challenge of coming up with solutions to difficult problems. Their industries vary — from working on luxury cars to buildings sports stadiums — but similar to scientists, they can experiment a lot with their ideas. Like gardeners, engineers see their work in action once it’s completed. To top it all off, engineers earn a decent salary for doing something they love. Plus, the jobs are in high demand.

All those factors together make engineering one of the best — or at least one of the happiest — fields to get into.

However, if you’re not an engineer, there are plenty of other jobs on this list that can suit your happiness fancy — or at least give you an idea of a profession that might. So, get out there and go find your happy workplace. You’ll be glad you did when you wake up excited to go to work each day.


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What is the #1 happiest job? ›

The List: Happiest Jobs, According to Career Experts
  • Physical Therapist. Physical therapists are experts in movement and the human body that often help to rehabilitate people with injuries or disabilities. ...
  • Firefighter. ...
  • Teacher. ...
  • Teaching Assistant. ...
  • Quality Assurance Analyst.
Feb 13, 2023

What job has the highest job satisfaction? ›

What are the Careers with the Highest Satisfaction?
  • Physician Assistant.
  • Statistician.
  • Software Developer.
  • Firefighter.
  • Anesthesiologist.
  • Information Systems Manager.
  • Mechanical Engineer.
  • Speech and Language Pathologist.
Dec 22, 2022

What is the most satisfying work in world? ›

Physician. With the ability to accompany people through some of the best and worst times in their lives, becoming a physician could be an incredibly satisfying job for those interested in the medical field.

What is the happiest high paying job? ›

The happiest jobs that pay well include software engineers, high school teachers, nurses, medical assistants, and graphic designers. Most of these jobs pay an annual salary of more than $50,000.

What is the best job to enjoy life? ›

The 10 Happiest and Most Satisfying Jobs
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Radiation Therapist.
  • Optometrist.
  • Human Resources Manager.

What is the least stressful job? ›

  • 14 Low-Stress Jobs.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Dietitian.
  • Medical Records Technician.
  • Massage Therapist.
  • Appliance Repairer.
  • Librarian.
  • Diagnostic Medical Stenographer.

What kind of jobs make people happiest? ›

Jobs that make people happy are about more than just productivity levels, however.
25 of the Happiest Jobs With a Good Starting Salary
  • Entrepreneur. ...
  • Human Resources Manager. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Real Estate Agent. ...
  • Nurse Practitioner. ...
  • Physician Assistant. ...
  • Veterinarian.
Nov 2, 2022

What are the top 10 most stressful jobs? ›

Most stressful jobs in the U.S.: Here are the top 25
  • Public Safety Telecommunicators.
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
  • Acute Care Nurses.
  • Telephone Operators.
  • Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates.
  • Anesthesiologist Assistants.
  • Film and Video Editors.
  • Urologist.
Jan 5, 2023

What jobs are highly valued? ›

The way people perceive work impacts on the professions they respect, and certain jobs seem to garner more value.
What Professions Are Most Respected and Desired
  • Scientists, farmers and doctors – 83% of people respect these professions.
  • Firefighters and teachers - 82%
  • Nurses - 81%
  • Members of the military - 80%
May 30, 2022

What is the most peaceful job in the world? ›

These jobs typically involve working with numbers, data or papers—none of which talk back.
  • Accountant. ...
  • Archivist. ...
  • Computer Programmer. ...
  • Drafter. ...
  • Funeral Director. ...
  • Jeweler. ...
  • Lab Technician. ...
  • Librarian.

How do I find a career I love? ›

How to Find a Career You Love
  1. Take inventory of your skillsets and abilities. Identify the skills you possess and consider how you might apply your soft and hard skills in different fields. ...
  2. Consult others about potential career fields. ...
  3. Gain valuable experience. ...
  4. Be flexible in your search. ...
  5. Build a network.
Jan 18, 2022

What is the most meaningful job in the world? ›

Top 40 meaningful jobs
  • Teacher.
  • Cook.
  • Paramedic.
  • College adviser.
  • Rehabilitation specialist.
  • Fitness trainer.
  • Firefighter.
  • Health educator.
Nov 23, 2020

What is the easiest job with high pay? ›

16 high paying simple jobs
  1. Word processor. National average salary: $47,119 per year. ...
  2. Notary Public. National average salary: $47,835 per year. ...
  3. Purchasing agent. National average salary: $49,376 per year. ...
  4. Groundskeeper. National average salary: $50,475 per year. ...
  5. Accounting clerk. ...
  6. Librarian. ...
  7. Appraiser. ...
  8. Garbage truck driver.
4 days ago

What is the least happiest career? ›

If you're looking for a job that will make you and your coworkers happy, you might want to avoid pursuing these.
  • Analyst. Bliss score: 2.914. ...
  • Dispatcher. SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE. ...
  • Program coordinator. Bliss score: 2.950. ...
  • Pharmacy technician. Bliss score: 2.954. ...
  • Teacher. Bliss score: 2.963. ...
  • Senior buyer. ...
  • Clerk. ...
  • Assistant professor.

What is the most in demand job? ›

The 11 most in-demand jobs
  1. Nurse practitioner. Median salary: $123,780 a year. ...
  2. Information security analyst. Median salary: $102,600 a year. ...
  3. Statistician. Median salary: $97,570 a year. ...
  4. Physical therapist assistants. Median salary: $61,180 a year. ...
  5. Economist. ...
  6. Wind turbine technicians. ...
  7. Solar photovoltaic installers. ...
  8. Data scientist.
Oct 5, 2022

What jobs pay well but are fun? ›

High Paying Fun Jobs: 60+ Fun Careers With Good Salaries
  • Video Game Designers. ...
  • Ethical Hacker. ...
  • Master Sommelier. ...
  • Professional Video Game Player. ...
  • Social Media Manager. ...
  • Content Writer. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Digital Marketer.
Jan 30, 2023

What is the most fun job? ›

12 of the most fun jobs in every field
  • Novelist.
  • Race car driving instructor.
  • Food critic.
  • Event planner.
  • Sommelier.
  • Race car mechanic.
  • Video game designer.
  • Voice-over artist.
4 days ago

What is the most stress free jobs in the world? ›

According to CareerCast's study, a diagnostic medical sonographer is the least stressful job.
Least-stressful jobs
  • Hairstylist: 6.72.
  • Audiologist: 7.28.
  • University professor (tenured): 8.42.
  • Medical records technician: 8.52.
  • Jeweler: 9.
  • Operations research analyst: 9.09.
  • Pharmacy technician: 9.19.
  • Massage therapist: 10:39.
Feb 21, 2023

What are the 3 hardest jobs? ›

Top 30 Hardest Jobs In The World
  1. Military. Coming first on our list of the hardest jobs in the world is the military.
  2. Healthcare Worker. There is just no rest for a health worker once the shift begins. ...
  3. Alaskan Crab Fisherman. ...
  4. Iron and Steel Worker. ...
  5. Roofer. ...
  6. Cell Tower Climber. ...
  7. Firefighter. ...
  8. Oil Rig Worker. ...
6 days ago

What low-stress jobs pay 6 figures? ›

According to data that FinanceBuzz compiled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), some low-stress jobs that typically yield a six-figure salary include mathematician, software developer, political scientist, physicist, chemical engineer, astronomer, and ...

What is the quickest career to get? ›

And a months-long diploma or certificate program is often enough for some of the fastest careers to get into.
High-Paying Jobs With Little Schooling Required
  • Police Officer. ...
  • Aircraft Mechanic. ...
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician. ...
  • Radiologic (X-Ray) Technologist. ...
  • Welder. ...
  • Diesel Mechanic.
Oct 11, 2022

What income has the happiest people? ›

“Globally, we find that satiation occurs at $95,000 for life evaluation and $60,000 to $75,000 for emotional well-being,” said the study's authors in the journal. However, the study also found that the ideal income for life satisfaction in North America is $105,000, as reported by Inc.

Which jobs pays high with less stress? ›

There are many jobs that are both well-paid and offer a relaxing work environment.
  1. Materials scientists. Materials scientists.
  2. Mathematicians. Mathematicians. ...
  3. Economists. ...
  4. Statisticians. ...
  5. Geographers. ...
  6. Physicists. ...
  7. Chemical engineers. ...
  8. Political scientists. ...
Feb 13, 2023

What job causes the most stress? ›

10 of the most high stress jobs in the U.S.―some pay as much as $208,000 a year
  • Urologist. ...
  • Film and video editor. ...
  • Anesthesiologist assistant. ...
  • Judge. ...
  • Phone operator. ...
  • Acute care nurse. ...
  • Obstetrician and gynecologist. ...
  • Public safety telecommunicator.
Nov 18, 2022

Which job is most respected? ›

Most Respected Jobs In India-Civil Servant (IAS/ IPS/ IFS/ IRS) Perhaps no other service has earned as much honor and reverence as the Civil Services. Civil Servants in India are the most looked up to by government officials, which makes Civil Services one of the most highly respected jobs in India.

What is the respected job in the world? ›

Being a doctor is the most respected job in world but it comes with its own set of challenges. They use their skill in the field of medicine and get a cure for diseases.

What is the safest job ever? ›

10 Safest Jobs in the United States
  1. Copywriter. 2021 Median Pay: $69,510 per year. ...
  2. Librarian. 2021 Median Pay: $61,190 per year. ...
  3. Human Resources. 2021 Median Pay: $62,290 per year for specialists, $126,230 per year for managers. ...
  4. Computer Systems Analyst. ...
  5. Computer Programmer. ...
  6. Nutritionist. ...
  7. Telemarketer. ...
  8. Interpreter.
Dec 8, 2022

How do you find a job that makes you happy? ›

11 tips to find a job that makes you happy
  1. Humanity over perks. ...
  2. Find some form of meaning in work. ...
  3. A high (enough) salary. ...
  4. A competent boss. ...
  5. A sufficient level of autonomy. ...
  6. Enough variety (but in moderation) ...
  7. Not having to fake happiness. ...
  8. A steady sense of progress.
Jan 29, 2023

How do I find my passion in life? ›

There are six steps you can follow to identify your passion:
  1. Look for high points in your day.
  2. Pay attention to what you spend your time and money on.
  3. Consider topics you love to teach or talk about with others.
  4. Think about your strengths.
  5. Take the elements apart.
  6. Explore career paths.
Dec 8, 2022

How do you find a career when nothing interests you? ›

How To Find A Career When Nothing Interests You
  1. Examine your options. ...
  2. Ask your friends and loved ones for input. ...
  3. Make a list of what you could do with your life. ...
  4. Think about what you like to do in your free time. ...
  5. Take career tests. ...
  6. Take personality tests. ...
  7. Have a coaching session with a career coach.
May 22, 2022

What is the smartest job in the world? ›

10 Careers That Require the Highest IQ
  • 10 Careers That Require a High IQ Score. It is often assumed that people who have attained success have impressively high IQs. ...
  • Doctors. ...
  • University professors. ...
  • Attorneys. ...
  • Engineers. ...
  • Scholars and scientists. ...
  • Specialists in material science and engineering. ...
  • IT experts.
Dec 12, 2022

What jobs make 6 figures without a degree? ›

Six-figure jobs without a degree
  • Real estate agent. Real estate can be a lucrative line of work for the right person. ...
  • Construction management. Construction can be a lucrative industry, particularly for skilled laborers and managers. ...
  • Elevator/escalator installer. ...
  • Commercial pilot. ...
  • Web developer. ...
  • Honorable mentions.
Jan 3, 2022

What is the lowest paying job ever? ›

25 of the Lowest Paying Jobs
  • Gambling and Sports Book Writers and Runners.
  • Gambling Change Persons and Booth Cashiers.
  • Parking Lot Attendants.
  • Home Health and Personal Care Aides.
  • Non-Farm Animal Caretakers.
  • Maids and Housekeepers.
  • Entertainment Attendants and Related Workers.
  • Shoe Machine Operators and Tenders.
Dec 3, 2022

What career has the highest depression rate? ›

As reported by the Insider, these professions have high rates of suicide and depression:
  • Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  • Construction workers.
  • Childcare workers.
  • Doctors.
  • Nurses.
  • Restaurant workers.
  • Humanitarian workers.
  • Lawyers.

What jobs will be gone by 2030? ›

6 Jobs That May Disappear by 2030
  • Taxi Drivers. Jobs such as taxi drivers rely on the ability to drive and pay attention to their surroundings. ...
  • Cashiers. ...
  • Truck Drivers. ...
  • Teachers. ...
  • Travel Agents. ...
  • Data Entry Clerks.

What jobs are no longer in demand? ›

With technology replacing jobs at a certain rate, we take a look at some roles that may not exist in the future.
  • Travel Agent Jobs. ...
  • Cashier Jobs. ...
  • Telemarketer Jobs. ...
  • Safety Inspector Jobs. ...
  • Assembly Line Worker Jobs. ...
  • Newspaper Delivery Jobs. ...
  • Referee Jobs. ...
  • Train Driver Jobs.

Which is the most peaceful job? ›

These jobs typically involve working with numbers, data or papers—none of which talk back.
  • Accountant. ...
  • Archivist. ...
  • Computer Programmer. ...
  • Drafter. ...
  • Funeral Director. ...
  • Jeweler. ...
  • Lab Technician. ...
  • Librarian.

What is the most calming job? ›

7 jobs that will make you feel more relaxed
  • Acupuncturist. Why: When your job involves treating patients' ailments by inserting thin needles into their skin, it helps to create an environment where your patients are relaxed. ...
  • Gardener. ...
  • Librarian. ...
  • Massage therapist. ...
  • Sleep technician. ...
  • Tai chi instructor. ...
  • Yoga instructor.

What is the happiest salary? ›

Globally, the study found that the ideal income point for an individual is $95,000 for life satisfaction and between $60,000 to $75,000 for emotional well-being.

What jobs pay well without stress? ›

Here are the top nine low-stress high-paying jobs and an estimate of their average salaries on an annual basis:
  • Statistician.
  • Private tutor.
  • Copywriter.
  • Therapist.
  • Librarian.
  • Dental hygienist.
  • Environmental scientist or specialist.
  • Art director.
Jan 18, 2023

What jobs are most joyful? ›

Agriculture, logging and forestry have the highest levels of self-reported happiness — and lowest levels of self-reported stress — of any major industry category, according to our analysis of thousands of time journals from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' American Time Use Survey.

What is the least deadliest job? ›

10 Safest Jobs in the United States
  1. Copywriter. 2021 Median Pay: $69,510 per year. ...
  2. Librarian. 2021 Median Pay: $61,190 per year. ...
  3. Human Resources. 2021 Median Pay: $62,290 per year for specialists, $126,230 per year for managers. ...
  4. Computer Systems Analyst. ...
  5. Computer Programmer. ...
  6. Nutritionist. ...
  7. Telemarketer. ...
  8. Interpreter.
Dec 8, 2022

What low stress jobs pay 6 figures? ›

According to data that FinanceBuzz compiled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), some low-stress jobs that typically yield a six-figure salary include mathematician, software developer, political scientist, physicist, chemical engineer, astronomer, and ...

What are the top 3 most stressful jobs? ›

Most stressful jobs in the U.S.: Here are the top 25
  • Public Safety Telecommunicators.
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
  • Acute Care Nurses.
  • Telephone Operators.
  • Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates.
  • Anesthesiologist Assistants.
  • Film and Video Editors.
  • Urologist.
Jan 5, 2023

What is the most exhausting job? ›

According to the report, the top 10 most stressful jobs are:
  • Urologists.
  • Film and video editors.
  • Anesthesiologist assistants.
  • Judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates.
  • Telephone operators.
  • Acute care nurses.
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists.
  • Public safety telecommunicators (911 operators)
Dec 15, 2022

Which profession has the highest divorce rate? ›

Key findings
  • The type of job with the highest divorce rate is military work. ...
  • Following military workers, those who have a job in health care support have the next highest divorce rate. ...
  • Drilling down to the 100 most common individual occupations, bartenders top the list with a divorce rate of 4.34%.
Mar 28, 2022

How much money do you need to live a good life? ›

How much money do you need to lead your “absolutely ideal life”? The answer for most people, according to new research by university psychologists, is $10m (£8.6m) – but not Americans, who say they need at least $100m, and frequently insist on $100bn.

What is a respectable salary? ›

A salary of $60,000 per year is good enough to give you a decent and comfortable lifestyle in most parts of the world. In the United States, that is enough to cater to your needs and wants and to give you a comfortable living. However, this depends on the size of your family and the location where you live.

What is the best average paying job? ›

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs that receive wages equal to or greater than $208,000 per year on average in alphabetical order.
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists.
  • Ophthalmologists, except pediatric.
  • Orthodontists.
  • Pathologists.
  • Psychiatrists.
  • Radiologists.
  • Surgeons.
  • Other physicians.
Feb 22, 2023


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