W.B. Yeats

Answer the following questions in a sentenceor two

1) Why is the poet so much worried about thefuture of his new born daughter?

Ans: The poet is worried to see the devaluation of theworldly ways. He is worried about the safety of his new born daughter andsolicits for her a life of beauty, accompanied by natural kindness andheart-winning courtesy.

2) What sort of beauty does the poet solicitfor his daughter?

Ans: The poet solicits for her a life of beauty, accompanied by naturalkindness and heart-winning courtesy. He wants his daughter to avoid hatred.

3) What virtues does the poet want hisdaughter to be blessed with?

Ans: Poet'swish thathis daughtershould beofflourishing tree indicates that hewants his daughterto be rootedin traditions. She should growandflourishinvirtue andmodesty.Hewantsher to befresh, calmandsoothinglike atree.

4) What qualities grow when the mind iswithout hatred?

Ans: Hatredis termed as the most evil quality by the poet. So,thequalitiesthatwouldgrow when the mind iswithout hatredwill be positive thinking and nobility ofminddevoid of any kind ofnegativism.Hatredtakesaway the innocence, so the absence of it will make the person cheerful andinnocent.

5) What does the poet wish for his daughter?

Ans: he does not want his daughter to be too beautiful, thespeaker wishes instead for her to be "chiefly learned" in"courtesy," stating that the hearts of others can be won through"glad kindness." He wishes his daughter to be a "flourishinghidden tree" who might be "rooted in one dear perpetual place,"someone without hatred in her mind.

6) What is “intellectual hatred” according toYeats?

Ans: He feels that intellectual hatred is the worst kind ofevil and a blow in character.

7) What is the meaning of “Horn of Plenty’?

Ans: The bellows' full of opinions and pride tookawayher'horn of plenty'. Through this symbol, ‘poetwishes that hisdaughtershould also possess 'horn of plenty' which will not onlycatty beauty but also kindness and modesty.

Explain the following statements withreference to their context.

1) “May she become a flourishing hiddentree’.

Ans: Poem: A prayerfor my daughter

Poet: W. B. Yeats

Context: The poet in continuance of his prayer for the wellbeing of his daughter, here, pleads that the soul of his daughter shouldflourish and reach self-fulfillment like a flourishing tree. Like the linnets,happy and innocent thoughts should cluster around her inner life. These littlecreatures symbols of innocence and cheerfulness-make others happy by theirsongs. The tree symbolizes inner life as well as constancy in place and liferooted in tradition. Yeats hopes that his daughter will grow and flourish withvirtue and modesty. “May she become a flourishing hidden tree.” She must be“hidden” not too open and opinionated like Maud Gonne. A “tree” is fresh,soothing and natural. He wants her to be calm, good-natured and natural – notover-influenced by opinionated ideas. Yeats wishes that Anne will have merry,pleasant thoughts. He wants her to talk of good, pleasant things. “That all herthoughts may like the linnet be, and have no business but dispensing around theirmagnanimities of sound.” The linnet is a bird which flies, representing amerry, sweet, girl – not too serious, bombastic and violent like Maud Gonne.

2) Imagining in excited reverie.

That the future years had come,

Dancing to a frenzied drum.

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Out of the murderous innocence of the sea.

Ans: Poem: A prayerfor my daughter

Poet: W. B. Yeats

Context: In these lines, the poet reveals his gloom whilecontemplating on the future of his daughter who is sleeping in the cradle. Thepoet keeps walking and praying for the young child and as he does so, he is inthe state of reverie. He feels that the future years i.e., the years ofviolence and bloodshed and frenzy have already come. They seem to come dancingto the accompaniment of a drum which is beating frantically. These future yearsare seen by Yeats’s imagination as emerging out of the murderous innocence ofthe sea. In other words, the sea seems to be innocent but is capable of givingbirth to those howling storms which are capable of ruining everything. Here,Yeats is thinking with great reverie or anxiety that that the turbulent weatherof war has already visited the world that was supposed to happen later infuture he doubted. Yeats is concerned that he hears the overloaded harsh soundof the war drums. Anne’s innocence is juxtaposed with the contrasting “sea”which is “murderous.”“Murderous innocence” is an oxymoron. The searepresents the world and the crowds around her, and as they are evil,destructive and take advantage of her innocence, they are “murderous.”Moreover, the “sea” or the world is termed as “murderous innocence” because aspart of the “sea”, Anne’s innocence is ‘murderous’ to herself because itenables others to manipulate her.

3) Hearts are not had as a gift but heartsare earned

By those that are not entirely beautiful.

Ans: Poem: A prayerfor my daughter

Poet: W. B. Yeats

Context: Here the poet, while talking about the virtues hisdaughter needs to cultivate, says that he prays that instead of bewitchingbeauty, she should have virtues like courtesy. The hearts of people can be wonpermanently by the virtue of courtesy. Even those who are not very beautifulcan win the hearts of others by being courteous. The poet continues with whathe wants his daughter to possess more than mere beauty. He wants his daughterto learn to be compassionate and kind. Many times, men who believed to love andloved by the beautiful women faced disappointment compared to those found lovein the modest yet compassionate women. Moreover, he says modest and courteouspeople attract hearts than those with beauty, referring to his own marriage.Ultimately, he makes it clear that he wants his daughter to be an agreeableyoung woman than an arrogant beauty.

4) Once more the storm is howling, and halfhid

Under this cradle-hood and coverlid

My child sleeps on.

Ans: Poem: A prayerfor my daughter

Poet: W. B. Yeats

Context: 'A Prayer for My Daughter'opens with the image of the child sleeping in acradle half hidden by its hood. The child sleeps innocently amidst the “howlingstorm” outside, but Yeats couldn’t settle down due to the storm inside. Thestorm howlingsymbolizesdestruction mentioned by the poet in his‘The Second Coming’. The wind bred in Atlantic has noobstacles except the estate of Lady Gregory, referring to the poet’s patroness,and a bare hill. The direct impact of the wind, meaning to the force of theoutside world, especially on his daughter, worries the poet. Because of thisgreat gloom he walked and prayed for his daughter to be protected from thephysical storm outside and the political storm brewing across Ireland. A violent, dreadful stormis blazing outside. The poet says that the ‘haystack and roof - leveling wind’is blowing directly from the Atlantic but is obstructed by just one naked hilland the woods of Gregory’s estate. The poet then introduces her infant daughterwho is sleeping in her cradle, well protected from the assaults of the dreadfulstorm that is raging outside. The poet keeps pacing the cradle up and downwhile praying for her daughter because a storm has been raging in his soul too.He is worried for his daughter’s future and his mind is full of apprehensionfor the future of humanity.

5) May she be granted beauty and yet not

Beauty to make a stranger’s eye distraught,

Ans: Poem: A prayerfor my daughter

Poet: W. B. Yeats

Context: In the third stanza of ‘A Prayer for My Daughter’,Yeats prays for his daughter to be gifted with beauty. At the same time, hedoesn’t want her beauty to distraught or makes her dependent on her beauty foreverything. Further, he doesn’t want her to become proud or vain that shespends all day staring at the mirror and fails to have natural companionships.The poet implies, too much beauty to be a dangerous one, that he wants her tobe beautiful enough to secure a husband. Yeats prays that Anne will bebeautiful but not excessively. Beauty can be distracting and destructive,because it draws the attention of all even if he is an unknown person. The muchbeauty makes him “distraught” and unhappy as if he cannot fulfill his desire topossess this beauty. Even Anne also can be derailed for the beauty she has.

6) O may she live like some green laurel

Rooted in one dear perpetual place.

Ans: Poem: A prayerfor my daughter

Poet: W. B. Yeats

Context: Yeats continues to talk about his hopes andexpectations for his daughter. As she grew up, he wants her to be happy andcontent. He wants her to become “a flourishing hidden tree” and her thoughtslike a “linnet” referring to its innocence and cheerfulness. Like a linnet, hewants her to be satisfied in herself, and infect others with her happiness.Further, he wants her to live like a “laurel” rooted in a particular place. Thepoet reveals his wish on his daughter being rooted in the tradition.

Yeats wants Anne to have a solid stability in her mind.“Rooted in one dear perpetual place.” Means she should be confined in a singlemarital life at a single home. The home is happy, so it is “dear.” This mayalso indicate loyalty to one man. Maud Gonne had a relationship with LucienMillevoye – with two premarital children but married John McBride. Yeats wantsAnne to be loyal to one man, unlike Maud Gonne. Here, Yeats uses mythology. The“green laurel” is a metaphor which refers to the nymph Daphne who was pursuedby Apollo. Eager to protect her virtue, Daphne turned into a laurel tree.Similarly, Yeats wants Anne to be virtuous, unlike Maud Gonne. The word “green”in turn may symbolize peace, innocence and youth.

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Answer the following questions in 300 words.

1) How does the poem reveal the concerns of afather towards his daughter?

Ans: Yeats's "A Prayer for My Daughter" does indeed show the concern of afather for his daughter, but in rather conventional terms. We must bear in mindthat when the poem was written, in 1919, fathers were still generally expectedto guide the life choices of their daughters, and Yeats is no different.APrayer for My Daughter by William Butler Yeats opens with an image of thenewborn child sleeping in a cradle. A storm is raging with great fury outsidehis residence. A great gloom is on Yeats’ mind and is consumed with anxiety asto how to protect his child from the tide of hard times ahead. The poet keepswalking and praying for the young child and as he does so he is in a state ofreverie. He feels a kind of gloom and worry about the future of his daughter.He says “As I walk and pray for my younger daughter, I imagine in a state ofexcitement and reverie” that the future years (years of violence and bloodshedand frenzy) have already come and that they seem to come dancing to theaccompaniment of a drum which is beating frantically.These future yearsare seen by Yeats’ imagination as emerging out of the murderous (treacherous)innocence of the sea. In other words, the sea seems to be innocent but iscapable of giving birth to those howling storms which are capable of levelingeverything. In anatmosphereof such violentrevolutionary flux, he wants his daughter to be part of that solid foundationwhich he's come to believe is Ireland's only true hope. In that sense, Yeats'slove for his daughter is inextricably linked with his somewhat idealized loveof country.

2) Give a critical appreciation of the poem“A Prayer for My Daughter.”

Ans: It isimportant to read this poem alongside another famous poem by Yeats, which wasactually written just a few months before this poem, "TheSecond Coming."In this earlier work, Yeats sets out his prophecy of doom and gloom,anticipating the "Mere anarchy" and "blood-dimmed tide"that was set loose on the world due to political changes such as the RussianRevolution and the rise of fascism. Many critics view "APrayer for My Daughter"as being a discussion of how to live and transcend such disturbing events. Thepoem begins with an account of the speaker praying for his daughter in themidst of a "howling" storm because of a "great gloom" thatdominates his mind. Having effectively prophesied a massive upheaval in theworld order, now that he has a daughter, Yeats is concerned about the kind ofworld that she will grow up in. Note how the violence of nature finds aparallel in the violence that is to come as the speaker in the second stanzaimagines the future years "Dancing to a frenzied drum" as the stormrages outside. He prays that his daughter will develop the kind ofcharacteristics that the women he loved did not possess. His former lover, MaudGonne, was beautiful and aware of it and also fired by nationalistic fervor.Yeats prays that his daughter, by contrast, will be given beauty, but not toomuch, because too much beauty can lead to vanity and an inability to relate toothers. He wishes her to learn "courtesy" and hopes that she can havea life marked by stability and security, becoming a "flourishing hiddentree." In an uncertain world with anuncertain future, therefore, Yeats seems to argue that the disturbing changesin the world can be overcome through a life lived focusing on traditionalvalues and the importance of human kindness.

3) Explain the reasons of worry about thefuture of his daughter.

Ans: Yeats isworried that his daughter will grow to adulthood in a world where the oldstandards the standards of the Anglo-Irish gentry that Yeats so deeply veneratesare in terminal decline. That is why he seeks to protect his daughter from thedemocratization of society and its values by ensuring that she will behaveherself in a manner appropriate of a lady of her class. In practical terms,this means not behaving like Maude Gonne, Yeats' close friend, who, accordingto him, sullied her breeding by engaging in radical political activity. This isnot to say that Yeats wants his daughter to become a woman without opinion sheexplicitly states that she should be "chiefly learned." It's justthat he's worried that she might turn out like Maude Gonne and display a kindof intellectual hatred for others and their opinions, which is not becoming fora lady, especially not one from the Anglo-Irish gentry. As an intelligent,educated woman, Yeast’s daughter will have opinions, but she won't beopinionated. In the final stanza, Yeats expresses his wish that his daughterwill be whisked away by her future bridegroom to a place the kind of statelyhome associated with the Protestant Ascendancy where custom, ceremony, andinnocence are the norm. Yeats clearly hopes that by entering such a domesticarrangement, his daughter will be protected from the storms of social changethat rage outside.

4) Justify the title of the poem “A Prayerfor My Daughter.”

Ans: The poem‘A Prayer for myDaughter’portrays the theme of love and anxiety of a father,who has been blessed with a daughter. It also presents the poet’s hopes for hisdaughter and his expectation of her becoming a very beautiful woman, blessedwith the attributes of a virtuous soul. The setting of the poem is uncertainfor the poem is conceived in the mind of the poet. Thespeakeris the poet himselftalking to his daughter. The poem is conversational and didactic intonewith varying emotions of gloom, uncertainty,hope, and fear. “A Prayer for My Daughter” is concerned with surviving thechaos of the modern world the separation of reason from passion, or thesurrender of reason to one’s own violence or the anarchy of the external world.Yeats thus far in his career hadcelebrated the mighty Irish heroes of both legend and the historical past andpresents those courageous men and women who sacrificed themselves for theirideals. Now, however, the poet expresses certain ambivalence toward thoseheroes. He understands that in the necessary sacrifice for a cause, one maysurrender “heart”. In fact, any single-minded commitment to political, social,or intellectual causes, even to beauty may become obsessive and negate one’smore important personal and humane concerns. “A Prayer for My Daughter”proposes the means of rescuing the self, heart, and soul true beauty from aworld of growing disorder and increasing human misery.


Answer the followingquestions.

1) Narrate how thestorm outside is reflected in the poet’s mind.

Ans: The climateoutside is an impression of Yeats' inside sentiments and dread. The poem is a personalyet we can comprehend his mind by intently perusing his prior work. The poem isset in war time, so the destruction is represented in awful, savage and'excited' storm. There is additionally a reference of Irish battle through poet'ssign to storm ascending from the Atlantic. 'The Second Coming’ is where Yeatsforesees the melancholy and fate which will inundate the future years. Theoutside agitation is a concretization of the poet's inward injury.

2) What do the words‘the future years had come’ symbolizes in the poem?

Ans: The words, 'thefuture years had come' represents Yeast's vision about the upcoming days andtimes. The poet draws our consideration that the future has just creped in andhas made more terrible conditions in the here and now even. The future hasshown up making difficult situations and will be more earnestly in comingoccasions. The future formed by Yeats is prophetically calamitous: The times offuture are brimming with savagery and slaughter and has risen up out of thelethal blamelessness of the sea.

3) What is the poet’sopinion about ‘overmuch beauty’? Does he want his daughter to possess it?

Ans: The poet'sopinion on ‘overmuch beauty’ isn't positive. He needs his girl to be lovelyhowever ought not to have excessive beauty. He doesn't need his girl totransform into a model of magnificence. Yeats accepts that a lot of magnificenceis hazardous, as it won't just distract outsiders yet in addition bore negativeresults for his girl who will invest the vast majority of her time looking andlauding herself. Very delightful ladies become egotistic and are loaded upproudly and arrogance. Such ladies fail to remember their usual gentleness andreject earnest darlings.

4) What is meant bythe line, ‘May she become a flourishing hidden tree’? Explain.

Ans: The line, “Mayshe become a flourishing hidden tree” means that the poet desires that hisdaughter should become a flourishing tree and he wants his daughter to beestablished in traditions. The picture of tree shows poet's desire for hislittle girl's wellbeing and solidness. She ought to develop and prosper intemperance and humility. He needs her to be new, quiet and ease like a tree.His desire of hidden tree represents her shrouded considerations, perspectivesand conclusions dissimilar to who was too open about her perspectives and wasexceptionally stubborn. Likewise he needs his girl to be away from agony,peril, decimation and unrest that has wrapped the world.

5) What are the evileffects of ‘hatred in mind’?

Ans: The evil effectsof “hatred in mind” represent his own perspectives and encounters. He regardsit as the most exceedingly awful sort of hateful which burn-through therespectability of mind. He considers hatred in mind leads to negativeconsiderations which prompts enduring and eradication. Yeats' sweetheart wasturned difficult because of this imperfection and acted in an exceptionallyobstinate way. We additionally discover an inclination of felt that runs inthis stanza that magnificence is one reason for disregard.

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6) Explain the symbol‘Horn of Plenty’.

Ans: 'Horn of Plenty'is a fanciful image utilized by Yeats. It is an image of wealth and sustenance.The legendary horn has a place with the goat Amalthea (Nourishing Goddess)whose one of the horns was broken incidentally by Zeus and had ceaselesssustenance. The horn floods with produce, blossom and nuts. Consequently, itadditionally represents thriving and bounty. Yeats utilizes this image for MaudGonne who had bountiful excellence and appeal yet she traded it for cries!Definitely influencing herself and destined in her disaster. The howls' loadedwith assessments and pride removed her 'horn of bounty'. Through this image,writer wishes that his little girl ought to likewise have 'horn of bounty'which won't just catty excellence yet in addition consideration and modesty.Not at all like the obstinate lovely ladies like Helen of Troy, Venus and MaudGonne, ought Anne to consistently stay sustaining like Amalthea, the goat. Herintegrity ought to consistently stay flawless.

7) What qualitiesgrow when the mind is without hatred?

Ans: The qualitiesthat would grow when the brain is without hatred will be positive reasoning andrespectability of mind without any sort of negativism. Hatred removes theblamelessness, so its nonattendance will make the individual lively and honest.Since, Hatred resembles a toxin for the spirit, so its nonappearance willprompt peaceful, loose and glad soul. Likewise it will remove each negativepower clarifying, quiet and free brain. An individual becomes 'self-enchanting,self-pacifying and self-dismaying' recapturing every one of its excellencies.

8) Why does the poetwant his daughter to have a life of custom and ceremony?

Ans: The poet wantshis daughter to have a life of custom and ceremony because Yeats thoroughlydismisses any sort of contempt or pride to drift around his daughter. He needsher to encounter all harmony and delight liberated from fright. He needs hislittle girl to be married cheerfully and keep a wide range of rage and hatredunder control. She should encourage 'custom' by evading unnecessary change likethe rootedness of a tree allowing it to develop and bloom. She ought tolikewise grow 'service' which brings forth respectfulness conceived frominternal quiet and nobility 'Custom' along with function will prompt lifesteadiness. Yeat's thoughts of honesty and magnificence reared in convention,culture, custom and function offering ascend to otherworldly arrangement.

9) Explain the legendof Helen and Paris.

Ans: Yeats whileappealing to God for his little girl's acceptable ideals shows a few occasionsof Greek fantasy, one such folklore he talks about is of Helen and Paris. Helenwas the daughter of Zeus and Leda. She was viewed as the loveliest lady onearth. There are numerous legends related with Helen and Paris of Troy. A fewgays that Helen was kidnapped and assaulted by Paris, others state that she wasenchanted and allured by Paris' comeliness and run off with him leaving herbetter half and daughter. Anyway her snatching or elopement came about intohaunting Trojan War. She had the beauty and mind that demolished her as well asTroy.

10) Who is ‘The GreatQueen’ in the poem? Explain the myth.

Ans: The Great Queenin poem refers to the lend of Aphrodite (Venus, the goddess of love). She wasincredibly lovely and being a goddess had all the advantages. She didn't had adad thus the artist says that she could have get anything and her choice wouldnot have been controlled yet she picked a faltering iron smith Hephaestus andlater deceived him. The artist here utilizing this legend demonstrates that beautywithout kindness is vain. Despite the fact that she had plenitude, she picked acrazy salad. Yeats additionally brings up that lovely lady generally pickswrong mates. Yet, he doesn't need his girl to turn like one.

11) Why is the poetso much worried about the future of his new-born daughter?

Ans: The poet is somuch worried about the future of his new born daughter because the poem is aresult of post world war time. The world is brimming with misery and sadness.The complete choppiness of the rest of the world has made brain wringing of thepoet. The poet is the versed thoughts of a stressed dad who is wishing andenvisioning wonderful future in the whole-world destroying times. The poet’sdaughter is conceived when there is all out strife and total destruction on theplanet because of War .The poet being a dad makes a defensive shield for hislittle girl, so the pessimism of the new uncouth and dangerous world ought nottouch his little girl and his girl remain and convey with her the custom andculture of period.

12) In the poem ‘APrayer for My Daughter’, nature in both its aspects-wild and joyous serves as abackground. Explain and illustrate.

Ans: The poem isimproved with Yeat's mind boggling images of brutality and choppiness on onehand and harmony and peacefulness on the other. Both wild and upbeat naturegoes about as foundation of the poem and the writer examines grave subjects ofwar and savageness. The savage tempest goes about as an story for the fiercebattles during World War I and choppiness outside makes anguish inside poet’smind. The quiet, tranquil and guiltless sea offers ascend to the dangerous future.The happiness and ferocity of nature goes together. The glad nature advancesrootedness as in 'prospering concealed tree', honesty as in 'linnet', bounty asin 'Bounty's horn'. While the ferocity portrays disappointment through 'cryingtempest', vulnerability and mayhem 'lethal blamelessness of ocean' egotism andscorn in 'roars loaded with furious breeze'. The egotistic lovely ladies likeMaud Gonne, Venus and Helen emerges from the wild nature where esteems arelost. The writer wishes a bright nature with prospering tree and linnets forhis little girl who will esteem conventions, culture and customs.

13) What sort ofbeauty does the poet solicit for his daughter? What did Helen and Venus meetwith for being excessively beautiful?

Ans: The sort of beautythe poet request for daughter is that he wants daughter to be a wonderful ladyyet not model of beauty. She ought to have customary beauty which won't justshield her from undesirable 'look' of outsiders yet additionally get her farfrom getting proud and arrogant about her beauty. The poet needs his littlegirl to be more excellent and enchanting by soul and heart. She ought to havethe beauty which causes her to acquire individuals' hearts throughthoughtfulness and prudence. He needs his girl's beauty not normal for the beautyof Helen and Venus, which drove them to their disaster. Helen being theloveliest on earth was lured by Paris and absconded with him coming about intoan enormous executing during Trojan War. Venus, the most lovely goddess weddeda faltering Ironsmith and was forever discontent with him. Same way hisadoration, Maud Gonne however wonderful dismissed earnest love of Yeats andwedded a stupid man MacBride.

14) What virtues doesthe poet want his daughter to be blessed with?

Ans: The poet praysfor the safety of his new born daughter. He thinks that only some inner idealswill give comfort to his daughter. Those ideals would make her solid. Be thatas it may, he has just wanted for certain abstract qualities likeguiltlessness, opportunity, consideration and joy. He has not referenced howthese qualities can be developed. The thoughts that he offers, seem imaginary.How such thoughts can be acknowledged during a time of majority rules systemand rivalry is an inquiry wherein he doesn't concern a lot. The poet hascommunicated his confidence in custom and function however in a universe ofevolving values; it could be exceptionally hard to save them under the flood ofcurrent human advancement. The poet is somewhat optimistic and has not tendedto himself to the difficulties which the world is confronting today.

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15) Why does the poetwant his daughter to be free from ‘intellectual hatred’ and ‘opinionated mind’?

Ans: The poetto make his daughter’s future safe needs his girl to have a few ideals. Theseideals will shield her from the terrible days which have just creped in. Hefeels that scholarly scorn is the most exceedingly awful sort of insidious anda blow in character. Thus, he might want his girl to disregard solid anddifficult feelings regarding any matter political – or something else. He mightwant his girl to maintain a strategic distance from the shortcomings of MaudGonne. It was a result of her firmly held assessments that drove her todemonstration absurdly. All her beauty and her great childhood end up beingfutile. She demolished her joy in life by picking a useless individual as JohnMacBride for a spouse. She would be equipped for getting a charge out of inwardharmony and joy and she would keep herself glad even amidst incidents and theaggression of the world.

A. Find words fromthe text for the following expressions:

1) A condition ofmind and body in which one is lost in dreamy, pleasant thoughts: - Reverie.
2) A state or condition of knowingnothing of evil or wrong: - Innocence.
3) Virtue relating to good manners andpoliteness in behavior: - Courtesy.
4) Warding off evil or misfortune byone’s own ability: - Self affrighting.
5. God’s grace or blessing: -Heaven’s will.

B. Make nouns fromthe following verbs from the bracket.

(imagine, excite, approve, prosper, reveal.)
Ans: Verbs Nouns

Imagine imagination

Excite excitement

Approve approval

Prosper prosperity

Reveal revelation

C. Make adjectivesfrom the following nouns from the bracket.

(intellect, arrogance, storm, murder,courtesy.)

Ans: Nouns Adjectives

Intellect intellectual

Arrogance arrogant

Storm stormy

Murder murderous

Courtesy courteous

D. Make nouns from the following adjectives fromthe bracket.
(kind, intimate, merry, angry, ceremonious)

Ans: Adjectives Nouns

Kind kindness

Intimate intimacy

Merry merriment

Angry anger

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Ceremonious ceremony


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